We are FLamily!
John Scott


1937 - 2004

Notes Of Remembrance

John at the 1966 FL/ALEA contract settlement

Sep 1967 FL/ALEA magazine article

The 1973 FL/ALEA contract was signed in Sep

John with Al Feldman in Oct 1973

John (on right) with Joe Huchowski & Gorman Condon at ALEA HQs about 1975

John had moved to ALEA HQs by Feb 1976

John in a May 1976 meeting with Buz Larkin and others

A Jun 1976 ALEA article has John in it

ALEA celebrated its 25th anniversary with John and others Dec 1977

An Apr 1980 article has John and Linda Harris

John at the 1980 ALEA Executive Board meeting

John with the ALEA staff and executive board in the Winter of 1982

By the Spring of 1984 John had left ALEA and returned to FL at CID

John was back as a DEN station agent in the Summer of 1984

ALEA awarded John its Award of Merit in late 1985

Another item about John's ALEA Award of Merit

A 1985 FL ad featured John

We are FLamily

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!