A Great Time!

November 15, 2005


Here is the list of “employees” that attended, I did not list the spouses hope no one is offended. We had a total of 100 wonderful folks.

Our day began at 11am, 84 degrees, sun shining and jets flying over the park which was so symbolic of our airline days. I have never seen such overwhelmingly joy as each employee arrived and surrounded themselves with hugs and hand shakes. It never ceases to amaze me that after 19 years of absence, everyone still is anxious to see “old friends”.

The last picnic was three years ago, but we were able to find many more employees who have since retired and moved to the valley and “word of mouth” brought many new corners to the picnic.

Chick Stevens’ son Chuck had made a DC3 model large enough that it had to be towed in a trailer behind his car. He brought that and put it on display and that was the topic of conversation for many hours everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing that and meeting Chick’s son.

Bill Monday brought FL t-shirts to sell, from a previous picnic, and they were gone within an hour.

It was such a pleasure to spend the day with our friends and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so much, telling old stories and getting caught up on new ones.

Ginger and I are going to do this again next year, because it is our 20-year anniversary of the demise. It will be November 5, 2006 at Desert Breeze Park in Chandler. I will send another article as the time gets closer.

Thank you for all of your efforts to keep our employees aware of what’s happening with your newsletter. I did pass out many sheets of your contact.


-Cyndy Camomile


Phoenix reunion picnic

November 6, 2005


Terry Adams

John Alger

Lyle Anderson

Jim Appleby

Ace Avakian

Ken Banman

Carol Baum

Connie Blaha

Chuck Blair

Ollie Brunz

Cyndy Camomile

Vern Crawley

Bonnie Dahl

Greg Davis

Chuck Demoney

Jim Duran

Gary Faulstich

Jess Franklin

Al Hedgpeth

Karen Grace

Don Grover

Arnie Hadler

Terry Hansen

Walt Hatfield

Don Hockenbury

Brad Hurd

Ray Johnston

John Koehler

Larry Kramer

Hank Lund

JoAnn Makedonsky

Jim McGhee

Jim McGill

Frank Meyer

Barb Monday

Bill Monday

Chevie Neeper

Bill Newnum

Joe Oliver

Richard Paul

Karen Peer

Joy Potter Trudeau

Dan Price

Murry Price

Ed Quisenberry

Cal Reese

Larry Roberts

Dave Ross

Pat Sanders

Jim Seamster

George Sims

JoAnn Jella Smith

Charlie Southerland

Ray Stuckenschneider

Don Treptow

Ginger Treptow

Billy Walker

Bill Wayne

Jess Wright

Albert Wells

We are FLamily

Jake Lamkins