We are FLamily!
Sid Tolbert

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1935 - 1972

Notes Of Remembrance

Sid began working at Central Airlines in 1958 as an agent in DAL.

Sid promoted to MHK asst manager in 1962

Mar 1963 article says wife Connie was a CN stewardess

Sid has 5 year anniversary in Jun 1963

Nov 1963 article mentions Sid

Sid gets ICT manager job in early 1964

May 1964 article talks about Sid

Sid wins award in Nov 1964 article

Sid and wife adopt a baby in late 1964

Sid in a Mar 1965 item

Another article about Sid dated Aug 1965

Article about Sid from the Oct 1970 ARROW-JET NEWS

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!